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A passion for art is at the origin of the Wildenstein Institute, a passion that was born more than a century ago and has been transmitted from generation to generation, its goal of promoting an ever-wider knowledge of art and its history kept intact over the years. Thanks to the unparalleled riches of a collection of documents put together with rigor and method over decades, the Wildenstein Institute has become a research center for art history, dividing its activities between the on-going enhancement of its library holdings and the publication of catalogues raisonnés and critical catalogues.

At this the dawn of the 21st century, nearly fifty artists have been the object of in-depth study, presided over by specialized editorial committees. But the vocation of the Wildenstein Institute is also to support research in art history: with its vast and constantly up-dated collection of research materials, it is able to respond to the queries of all those interested in the world of art. This site is dedicated to helping both specialists and amateurs in furthering their research.