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Collections of Documents

Q. Can members of the public come to the library to consult the collection of documents ?
R. No, the library is private, but you may send us your request for information. We invite you to refer to the section "Collection of Documents".


Q. What difference is there between the documentation service and a request for research ?
R. The documentary service involves the simple communication of a document whose references you yourself have provided. A request for research implies that the research project is undertaken entirely by our staff.


Q. I need to consult the sale catalogue for the collection of Mr. X from 23 January 1907 at the Hôtel Drouot. What is the procedure to follow ?
R. Using your detailed bibliographic indications, our librarians will provide and bill you for photocopies of the pages you wish to consult.


Q. I am working on the subject of still life in French painting from the 17th century to the present. Would it be possible for you to send me a list of the articles published on this subject from the first half of the 19th century ?
R. We will set up a research project using your specifications on the type of information you wish to locate.



Q. Can your publications be purchased on-site at the Wildenstein Institute ?
R. Yes, on condition that you come to the Wildenstein Institute during our business hours (Tuesday-Thursday, 9-12:30 am/2-6 pm, Friday 9-12:30 am). However, as the work you are seeking may be stocked in our warehouses, it is preferable to contact us in advance.


Q. Do I have the right to publish pages from works published by the Wildenstein Institute ?
R. If you wish to publish pages from works published by the Wildenstein Institute, you must acquire the publication rights.


Q. Do I have the right to reproduce a quote from a publication by the Wildenstein Institute ?
R. Reproduction of a quote is always authorized. It must necessarily be short in length, and its author and its source cited.



Q. Are paintings entrusted to committees for examination insured once they are on the premises of the Wildenstein Institute ?
R. No. They remain your responsibility.


Q. Can one bring in a painting without prior notice ?
R. No. We invite you to refer to the section on « Catalogue Raisonné, Critical Catalogue ».


Q. What is meant by the term "temporary admission" ?
R. Temporary admission allows the temporary importation of a work coming from outside France, with full or partial exoneration of customs duties and taxes.


Q. Does the Wildenstein Institute take care of obtaining the permits necessary for entry to and exit from France, and of payment of customs duties ?
R. No. You must make arrangements with an authorized shipping agent, at your expense.


Q. Is it possible to send a painting by post, or by express mail ?
R. Any work sent simply by post will be refused and returned. On the procedures to follow for the consignment of objects, please refer to the section on « Catalogue Raisonné, Critical Catalogue ».


Q. At what point will I be informed of the committee’s decision ?
R. Within the week following the committee's meeting.


Q. If the consignment receipt has been forgotten or lost, is it possible to reclaim a painting ?
R. Yes, but not before your identity has been verified and a certificate authorizing you to take back the work has been issued by the committee in question; you will be asked to sign a receipt indicating that the work is in your possession and, in the case of a forgotten consignment receipt, that you will produce the receipt with all due haste.


Practical and Legal Information

Q. Can payment be made on-line ?
R. Not at present.


Q. What is a pro forma invoice ?
R. A pro forma invoice is one that is sent in advance of services rendered. It includes the schedule of payments and the amount that you will be billed if you decide to use our services, with, however, no obligation that you do so.


Q. What procedures should be followed in order to submit a painting to a committee or request that research be undertaken ?
R. We invite you to refer to the sections on "Catalogue Raisonné, Critical Catalogue" or "Collection of Documents".


Q. Do I have the right to establish a link to the Wildenstein Institute from my site ?
R. Yes, on condition that this link opens a new window in the browser. However, the publisher reserves the right to demand the removal of any link he would consider as not conforming to editorial policy.


Q. Is it possible to pay by bankcard ?
R. Payments by check or by bank transfer are accepted.