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A text supplemented with notes and enhanced by a chronological chart of the life of Jean-Baptiste Siméon CHARDIN (1699-1779) and the characteristics of his paintings opens this critical catalogue of his work. The corpus itself, divided into 25 chapters with precise and evocative titles—kitchen interiors, storerooms, laundries, sideboards with brioches, monkey antics, etc—catalogues over 1,200 paintings, most of them reproduced.

Georges WILDENSTEIN, Chardin. Biographie et catalogue critiques.
Paris, Les Beaux-Arts, Édition d'études et de documents, collection "L'Art français", 1933.
Size 24 x 32 cm, 429 p., 236 heliogravures in 128 black and white pl., 1237 entries.

   The two new editions of the catalogue devoted to Jean-Baptiste Siméon CHARDIN (1699-1779) are distinguished by the major revisions undertaken. The catalogues differ from that of 1933 by their chronological —and not thematic—classification, and by the rigorous selection process used in the works catalogued (406 entries).

Georges WILDENSTEIN, Chardin, Zurich, Manesse, 1963.
Size 25 x 32 cm, 235 p., 60 color pl., 177 black and white ill.

Georges WILDENSTEIN, Chardin. Catalogue raisonné.
Revised and enlarged Edition by Daniel Wildenstein, Oxford, Cassirer, 1969.
Size 25 x 32 cm, 276 p., 60 color pl., 3 black and white pl., 177 black and white ill.

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