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The catalogue traces the little known career of Nicolas LAVREINCE (1737-1807): born in Stockholm, he arrived around 1760 in Paris, where he would perfect the art of the miniature. Upon his return to Sweden, he worked at the Court as a portraitist, before deciding to return to France; here he would establish himself as the most outstanding painter of works in gouaches of his time. The text underlines the duality of the man: a painter of the frivolous, he lived a retired and austere life. Absent from the Salons, ignored by Diderot, Lavreince nevertheless found favor in the eyes of the public, with many of his works engraved and copied. He was among the most prestigious artists of his day.

Pierre LESPINASSE, Lavreince.
Paris, Les Beaux-Arts, Édition d'études et de documents, collection "Les Albums des Beaux-Arts", 1928.
Size 28 x 38 cm, 30 p., 48 heliogravures, with a tentative catalogue.

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