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His discovery of Morocco in 1911 was, for the enthusiastic traveler Albert MARQUET (1875-1947), a revelation. Tangier, Tunisia, Egypt and, above all, Algeria followed, with the latter becoming his second homeland from 1920 on. He was married there, and bought a house at Djenan Sidi Saïd. Regular stays in Algeria punctuated his nomadic life and inspired his creativity: Algiers and its breakwater, the Mustapha hills, the coastal road at Bougie, the port of Agha. This catalogue, the first devoted to Marquet's paintings, lists 741 works. A biography, organized around the painter's life in North Africa, forms an introduction to the work.

Jean-Claude MARTINET and Guy WILDENSTEIN, Marquet. L'Afrique du Nord. Catalogue de l'œuvre peint.
Texte et recherches Michèle Paret. Documentation et iconographie Nicole Castais.
Milan, Paris, Skira/Seuil, Wildenstein Institute, 2001.
Size 25 x 30 cm, 571 p., 950 black and white, color ill.

Born in Bordeaux, Albert MARQUET came to Paris as a young man. He became a student of Gustave Moreau at the École des Beaux-Arts, was a constant visitor to the Louvre to copy master works, discovered the impressionists, and participated in a 1905 exhibition by the fauves, a movement to which he belonged for only a short time. A subtle observer and enthusiastic traveler, Marquet painted views of Paris, as well as Le Havre, Saint-Tropez, Venice, and Hamburg, simplifying forms, and eliminating the anecdotal to render without indulgence, but with emotion, the very essence of the forms. His apprenticeship, the fauve period, and his travels throughout Europe are the object of the bilingual work, in preparation under the direction of Guy Wildenstein. A listing of 1,789 paintings will be included.

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