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Berthe MORISOT (1841-1895) was an intimate of Manet both as his model and sister-in-law after her marriage to Eugène Manet in 1847. She drew her inspiration from family life and the world of childhood, which she represented in canvases bathed in poetry and light. She participated in the impressionist exhibitions from the very beginning. Her artistic career was a skilful reconciliation of her emotions as a woman and her quest to express herself as a painter, as witnessed by this catalogue of her work. The 847 paintings, pastels, and drawings trace the pathway of her life.

Marie-Louise BATAILLE and Georges WILDENSTEIN, Berthe Morisot. Catalogue des peintures, pastels et aquarelles.
Paris, Les Beaux-Arts, Édition d'études et de documents, collection "L'Art français", 1961.
Size 21 x 28 cm, 306 p., 815 black and white ill.

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