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Odilon REDON (1840-1916) used charcoal and pastels as much as he did pencil and paint. Black and darkness correspond to the subjects emerging from the fantasy world of the visionary and tinted with funereal overtones; color and light characterize his symbolist themes, his landscapes, the long series of flowers and his major decorative projects. As Redon rarely dated his works, a division into themes and subjects was chosen for the classification and analysis of the paintings and drawings (2,657 entries) listed in four volumes, each one accompanied by several indexes.

Alec WILDENSTEIN, Odilon Redon. Catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre peint et dessiné.
Texte, recherches, documentation: Agnès Lacau St Guily and Marie-Christine Decroocq.
Paris, Wildenstein Institute.
Size 28 x 33.5cm.

Vol. I: Portraits et figures, 1992.
342 p., 29 color pl., 729 black and white ill.
Vol. II: Mythes et légendes, 1994.
384 p., 71 color pl., 606 black and white ill.
Vol. III: Fleurs et paysages, 1996.
419 p., 103 color pl., 627 black and white ill.
Vol. IV: Études et grandes décorations. Suppléments, 1998.
433 p., 60 color pl., 698 black and white ill.

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