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The preparation of the critical catalogue of Pierre-Auguste RENOIR (1841-1919) draws from the archives of Vollard, Durand-Ruel, Venturi, Daulte and Wildenstein. Collected over more than a century, indexed and deciphered by the Wildenstein Institute, the material is painstakingly examined to provide a thorough knowledge of the painted work, which will be classified chronologically. Born in Limoges where he painted on porcelain, it was in Paris, in the studio of the Orientalist painter Charles Gleyre, that Renoir met Monet, Sisley and Bazille. Their simultaneous experiments involving the effects of light and its reflections on water gave birth to the impressionist movement in which he participated. However, after a trip to Italy in 1881 where he rediscovered Raphael (whom he had already studied at the Louvre), he changed his style, giving primacy to drawing, form and construction. Upon his return to France, he spent more and more time in the South, painting outdoors again to express his sensual love of life and the female body.

A first volume concerning the Natures mortes is forthcoming.

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