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Student, then son-in-law to Jean Marc Nattier, Louis TOCQUÉ (1696-1792) devoted himself entirely to the art of portraiture. A master of drawing and a skilful colorist, he was able to render with exactitude the human and psychological truth about his models, "preferring frank and truthful expression to pomp and splendor." The author of the catalogue brings together the artist's paintings, drawings and engravings and identifies the members of the court aristocracy or influential businessmen of the bourgeoisie who were represented by Tocqué in France, but also in Denmark and Russia. A short biography is provided for each of them.

Comte Arnauld DORIA, Louis Tocqué. Biographie et catalogue critiques.
Paris, Les Beaux-Arts, Édition d'études et de documents, collection "L'Art français", 1929.
Size 25 x 32.5 cm, 271 p., 149 black and white heliogravures, 633 entries.

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